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Rob Thorpe progressive metalRob Thorpe heavy metalRob Thorpe heavy metal Rob Thorpe heavy metal

I’ve authored seven guitar tuition books and am proud to be published by best-selling publishers Fundamental Changes.

Exploring Guitar Effects digs into the world of guitar pedals and how tone is crucial to sounding authentic in any style. With lots of fun stylistic musical excerpts, I demonstrate the range of sounds that different effects can create, how to set them and where they are commonly used.

Chapters on distortion, modulation, EQ, reverb, wah, pitch shifters, delay, and how to combine and layer effects for complex sophisticated tones.

First Pieces for Classical Guitar provides the developing beginner with 20 satisfying and approachable pieces from a range of famous composers, as well as some folk songs arranged for classical style solo guitar. There’s no requirement for reading notation, as all the pieces also include TAB. Whether you’re a classical or acoustic guitarist there will be something in this book to help you transition from practicing the basics of guitar into playing complete pieces. Tuition and contextual commentary is provided for each piece, as well as audio performances.

Intermediate Pieces for Classical Guitar provides a perfect follow-on companion to book 1. Build your repertoire with another 20 pieces which range from famous Baroque piece (Bach and Handel) to Romantic (Tarrega and Chopin) to modern folk influenced solo acoustic compositions. These pieces build on everything practiced in book 1, and provide a pathway to more advanced solo guitar repertoire. All pieces feature tab, notation and audio recordings.

I’ve written three full length tuition books on Metal guitar playing.

Heavy Metal Lead Guitar

Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar

Progressive Metal Guitar

All three books focus on metal guitar playing, with a creative and musical approach rarely seen in instruction materials for this style of music. My goal in writing them was to help inspire players to build their musicianship as well as just learn to shred!

The three volumes form a well rounded methodology and are now available in a compilation edition – The Heavy Metal Guitar Bible.

These are currently available in both print, pdf and Kindle ebook format via Fundamental Changes or Amazon. Visit either of these links for more information, guitar lessons and opportunity to purchase a copy!


Rob Thorpe heavy metal  Rob Thorpe progressive metal Rob Thorpe heavy metal  Rob Thorpe heavy metal

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