The Benefits of Guitar Lessons

Almost everyone has been moved by music. The emotional response to hearing music can be profound; whatever type of music it might come from. Being able to actually play music is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself or your children.

Learning music can have a wide range of benefits in ways you might not think of straight away! Playing a musical instrument like guitar involves many different parts of the brain and develops ability in creativity, logical thinking, language, maths team-skills!

Did you know that we use the same part of the brain for music as foreign languages?

Giving your child music lessons alongside their school subjects will reinforce and support their abilities across the board, and at the same time provide a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Developing a skill like music and being able to see consistent improvement in one’s self is brilliant for building self-esteem. Performing in front of others helps with self-image and confidence in other skills like public speaking. Seeing the effort put into practice being rewarded by musical progress is valuable in developing commitment and dedication over a period of time.

It’s never too late! I currently teach guitar to many adults and retired people who have always dreamed of playing. Often their progress is quicker than with children as they have a more mature approach to practice and learning. Sometimes, adults don’t want to learn because they feel their taste in music is dated. However, the ‘classics’ are often the most immediately playable pieces to learn on guitar.

Players can often get stuck in a rut when musical development has plateaued. I can help by getting you to think differently about your instrument and provide new ideas to get you excited about music again!

Why play the guitar?

The guitar is a very popular instrument for several good reasons:

  • It is a very social instrument – the greatest joy of making music is getting to play with other people, making music together and guitar is usually found in groups. Whether it’s with a musical theatre group or a rock band, the friendships you develop through music are some of the strongest!
  • The guitar is a massively flexible instrument that is equally at home accompanying a solo singer, or playing screaming, stadium rock solos. As a classical instrument, it is at home unaccompanied in a concert hall, or as part of a small ensemble jazz band.

Why take private lessons?

Taking lessons with a teacher will speed up your progress – guaranteed! You will see noticeable improvements in a shorter space of time, and consistent progress means a more rewarding musical experience.

The internet is an increasingly popular route to learning guitar, however the hardest thing to do is to unlearn bad habits, and this is precisely what the internet cannot help you with.

When taking lessons with a professional guitar teacher you can be confident that you’re getting sound advice from someone with an accredited qualification, who knows what they’re talking about.

Students often aren’t even aware of the things that are holding back their development. As an experienced musician and teacher I can quickly diagnose these problems and help you to overcome them.

You receive instant feedback on your progress and I constantly adapt the lesson material to match your development to address new problem areas.

Don’t miss school lessons. Your child shouldn’t have to miss out on their academic work to benefit from music lessons. Lessons in school can often be so short that there’s very little time to review progress, let alone cover new ground. When you factor in the disruption of coming in and out of classes, they are not the best option.

Why take lessons with me?

  • I hold a 1st class degree in music and have been taught by some of the best players and teachers in the UK.
  • I regularly perform professionally, playing everything from pop and jazz gigs to musical theatre orchestras so can share the most relevant information to help you become a rounded musician.
  • Having goals when you learn is very important, and I always try to help set realistic and achievable goals in line with your musical interests.
  • I hold a DBS (CRB) police check and an NSPCC certificate in child safeguarding for your peace of mind. Your child’s safety is my primary concern. Parents are also invited to be present in the lessons with children, and are welcome to enjoy a tea or coffee while they wait!
  • All lesson content is supported by tab and notation examples as well as audio recordings for you to refer back to afterwards. I am also happy for you to video our lessons.

All private guitar lessons take place at my home studio on the border of Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall, near Stockport.