Free Lessons

Free Online Lessons & Transcriptions

Here are a collection of free lesson articles on various elements of guitar playing and musicianship. Hopefully there’s something of interest to players of any style, but keep checking back for new additions!

Also, here are links to view my articles for along with access to several other great writers on a whole range of subjects:


Finally, here is a selection of transcriptions. I hope you enjoy using them to learn and play and understand some great solos!

Bright Size Life – Pat Metheny

Born – Nevermore (Jeff Loomis solo)

So What – Miles Davis solo

Hideaway – John Mayall (Eric Clapton solo)

My Name is Carnival – Jackson C. Frank (fingerpicking part)

Enemies (in Jail) – Paul Gilbert (first solo)

Rosanna  – Toto (Steve Lukather solo)

Planet Y is Alive! – Ayreon (Guthrie Govan solo)

I love transcribing anything from classic jazz solos from horn players like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, to heavy metal solos from John Petrucci, Michael Romeo and Jeff Loomis!

Keep checking in as I upload my new charts!

Bespoke Transcription Service

Is there a particular song or solo you’re just dying to learn but can’t quite work out, or can’t find a tab for?

It doesn’t have to be a guitar solo, perhaps a saxophone or trumpet solo – I can even tab it out for you!

You would receive a custom piece of sheet music in your choice of Guitar Pro, Sibelius, or pdfs format, with notation and tab!

Note that purchased transcriptions are not then shared on the website.

To get a quote for creating bespoke transcription, feel free to message me using the contact form HERE, detailing the song, with a link and the timing of the section in question.