A little bit about me

How I got into making music

I was born and grew up in South Manchester. Music was a huge part of my upbringing, from my mother’s choral and piano work to his dad’s folk and world music leanings.

After picking up the guitar at the age of 13 I quickly developed an interest in studying wider world of music. With the help of books and teachers, I learnt classical harmony, theory and how to read music.

This meant I soon started playing in musical theatre productions with amateur groups up and down the country.

In 2008-09 I moved to Cumbria where I performed with a traditional folk/Americana band. They introduced me to folk songs and dances. I started developing a lap-steel based slide technique for playing with this band.

Upon moving back to Manchester, Rob studied at the University of Salford and in 2012 graduated with a 1st Class BA (Hons) Music degree. Whilst an undergraduate, he majored in composition under the tuition of Dr Alan Williams, as well as being awarded both the Elgar Howarth Composition Shield, and winning the competition for string quartet composition in 2011.

Life after University

After university, I worked for Celebrity Cruises as an orchestra guitarist until early 2015. Being a cruise ship guitarist needs great flexibility to convincingly play in many different styles and notation reading skills, as we would often only see the sheet music the afternoon before the show for a quick run-through.

Since 2013, I have been employed to write articles on guitar tuition, and have written three books on heavy metal guitar playing published by www.fundamental-changes.com.

When I’m not teaching, I compose music for many short films and enjoy working with live sound track performances around Manchester, and perform with a wedding and function band (www.jukebox-band.com) filling dance floors all over the country on a weekly basis!

I also compose all the music and play guitar in Polar Institute, a six piece group that actively ignores borders between chamber classical music, post-rock, prog and modern jazz. Earlier this year we recorded our debut album and it should be available in early 2017. Please like the band Facebook page to find out about future gigs and the release date!

I started giving private guitar lessons in 2007, and am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge. In that time, I’ve taught a wide range of ages and abilities, from 6 years old beginners to undergraduate music students, and adult beginners too.

Having performed in a wide range of musical styles and situation, I deliver a holistic approach to music, nurturing the listening, reading and theory of music, as well as mastering the mechanics of the instrument.